Bluetooth Headset BH 214 - Listen to music

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Listen to music

To listen to music, connect the
headset to a compatible music player
that supports the A2DP Bluetooth

The available music functions depend
on your music player.

If you receive or make a call while
listening to music, the music is paused
until you end the call.

Warning: Listen to music at
a moderate level. Continuous
exposure to high volume may

damage your hearing.

To play a song, select it in the music
player, and press the play/pause key.

To pause or resume playing, press the
play/pause key. To stop playing, press
and hold the play/pause key.

To select the next song during
playback, press the forward key. To
select the previous song, press the

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rewind key twice. To scroll through the
current song quickly, press and hold
either key.